About Us

Current Components offers specialized payment and printer solutions from a wide variety of manufacturers with various competencies. This experience makes us uniquely suited for helping our customers and providing them peace of mind knowing we deliver optimum “best of breed” solutions. We work closely with our clients and customers from early in the engineering and qualification process all the way through purchasing and managing world-wide logistics. We have built solutions to modernize old equipment, replace discontinued items and upgrade the performance of existing systems.

Our History:

Current Components was founded by Bob Miller in 1974 as a wholesale electronics distribution company.

As a Seiko Instruments distributor in the early 1980s, we started promoting the first direct thermal printing mechanisms to hit the market.  As our customer base and business grew, we began to specialize in micro printing systems and started supporting additional printer manufacturers.

From OEM components and controller boards, to point of sale (POS) printers, to kiosk and panel mount printers, we have been a part of the growth of the thermal printing industry since inception.

“Unattended payment” and “unattended (kiosk) printers” share many of the same challenges that we built our company to address. We started in the payment industry by bringing Globalcom Payment systems to the Americas. Today we maintain an in-house PCI key encryption facility and provide encryption management services under various PCI P2PE solutions.

Our Certifications:

ISO 9001:2015

Warehouse and Distribution Center Services, Contract Manufacturing Servicing, Services of Electro-Mechanical products including systems, units, assemblies, sub-assemblies and components for Industrial, Commercial and Government industries.

Payment Industry Certifications

  • PCI – PIN 3.0
  • VISA – PIN
  • TR39
  • PCI P2PE Component – Key Injection Facility
  • PCI P2PE Component – Encryption Management Services