Nippon Primex

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Nippon Primex is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality mini printers and assemblies in many configurations.

  • Nippon Primex NP2511 NP2512 Thermal kiosk printer usb serial cutter
    The NP-2511 features 416 dots per line with a 52mm max print width. It is a thermal kiosk printer with autocutter and...
  • Nippon Primex NP-211 Kiosk Face mount thermal printer usb serial tear bar
    The NP-211D is a paper jam free, compact and light weight thermal kiosk printer. Highly reliable and a work house. ...
  • Nippon Primex NP3511Thermal Kiosk printer usb serial cutter
    The NP-3511 features 200 mm/sec print speed. It is a thermal kiosk printer with autocutter and 16 gray scale.
  • Nippon Primex  NP-F3692 Thermal Kiosk face mount printer usb serial cutter gray scale
    The NP-F3692D is a high speed thermal kiosk printer with 16 gray scale and a large paper holder. Handles barcodes and...
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